VIP Laptop Trolley Bag Black Swiss Military 15.4 inch 45 Ltrs

Product Information

  • The laptop compartment fits a 15.6 “widescreen at most
  • Handles smooth grip handling, space for commercial files
  • Small size; Dimensions: H: 34 x L: 41 x W: 19 (in cm), Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Internal zipper pocket for laptop protection
  • Spacious organizer compartment includes kitchen, phone, ID, MP3 player pocket pen holder, and more
  • Spacious overnight bins easily fit the clothes
  • Personal details feature on the reverse side
  • Material: unique ABS plastic + molded polyester shell; Number of cases: 4; Number of Handles: 2 handles; Handle Material: Plastic
  • Spacious overnight bins easily fit the clothes


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VIP Laptop Trolley Bag Black Swiss Military 15.4 inch 45 Ltrs

Swiss Military is a means of connecting our customers to the world of premium lifestyle products that impress the highest quality standards at surprisingly affordable prices. We call it ‘Affordable Luxury’. VIP Laptop Trolley Bag

We begin our research by identifying the basic unfulfilled needs of our customers and then design products that meet this need for which no other product is available in the market.

To meet this unfulfilled need or vacuum demand vacuum’s thorough research is done to reach the best possible design/material/technology to manufacture the product as we call it. VIP Laptop Trolley Bag

This is a great inspiration as a result of which we are creating a plethora of innovative products.

The Swiss Military story began with an ambition – ‘With a clear vision, a clear position and affordable premium products, we will become one of the fastest-growing brands from Europe in various product areas.

Ever since the brand has worked hard to keep this ambition alive with a wide range of innovative and wide product categories, the company has grown to become a global trend in the premium men’s lifestyle segment.

The brand grew with Mr. Jean-Luc Bogli, the son of Mr. Jacques Bogli cheering himself on for diverse outdoor activities when he launched his first clothing line in a range that was set to grow rapidly.

Gradually both the scale and scope of rapid growth globally increased due to unique brand positioning.

Today, the Swiss military is widely patronized by those who value affordable luxury, versatility, and design uniqueness with a plethora of product ranges. VIP Laptop Trolley Bag

To create a global brand through our constantly changing and innovative product verticals for the mass audience aspiring Swiss brand at an affordable cost.

We want to demand unavailable products or research for their use and design products so that no other brand can be fulfilled.

Swiss military products are designed to perfection in style, aesthetics, utility, and affordability with a touch of elegance. VIP Laptop Trolley Bag

Our core brand value is the force to create innovative products to meet the current content vaccinations that inspire us to design smart and affordable products for our customers.

Specification’ is important here because the product in question has to stand out in a more saturated and repetitive market. Reliability and stability are a matter of utmost concern. VIP Laptop Trolley Bag

VIP Laptop Trolley Bag Reviews

Rigid product by Swiss Military … Perfect for a 2-day trip. The weight of the star is about 2.2 kg. With a laptop, accessories, and some clothing, the gross weight would easily be 8 kilograms or more.

So as packing a cabin one has to be careful while packing in it.
Excellent product looks classy and clunky … value for money … had to return first delivery because of a mark on the

handle … the replacement was so quick and only got new the next day. VIP Laptop Trolley Bag
The laptop storage part is not well designed, even cheap products Targas, VIP has better laptop storage.

The quality of the exterior construction is very good, except that there is no strong material guard in between the wheels, where the bag hits if you are handling someone. VIP Laptop Trolley Bag

Overall decent bag for light laptops up to 1.5kg.

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