Trolley Duffle Bags Online Amazon Basics 78 cm Black Hardsided

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  • Large hard side spinner luggage – ideal for trips lasting longer than a week or as an international check-in trolley
  • Interior capacity: 105 Liters
  • Made of extra-thick abs for enhanced strength and durability
  • Fully-lined interior with handy divider and a zippered pocket for easy organizing
  • Expandable for up to 15% additional packing capacity
  • Telescoping handle
  • 4 Wheel spinners for smooth-rolling mobility in any direction
  • Does not include a lock
  • The 3 year limited warranty, for customer service and warranty related queries please contact_us: [ 18004190416 ] (available Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm except for national holidays)
  • Interior capacity: 105 Liters, Suitcase Dimensions: Outer (including wheels): 53 x 32 x 78 cms; Interior: 49 x 30 x 71 cms



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Trolley Duffle Bags Online Amazon Basics 78 cm Black Hardsided

Trolley Duffle Bags Online With an additional size of 28 inches, this AmazonBenix spinner hardens the luggage, providing some serious packing space – perfect for holidays or trips lasting more than a week. The 28-inch spinner luggage provides a durable zipper for reliable closure, and its expandable design creates 15% more packing space for more room when you need it (and less when you don’t).

When fully packed, the suitcase can increase baggage fees with excess weight at check-in at the airport and may pass size restrictions when fully extended (check with airlines). But when a large load needs to be transported, the AmazonBasics 28-inch suitcase provides the perfect solution.

1. Hardshell with scratch-resistant finish

AmazonBasics accessories feature a protective hard shell for strength and peace of mind when it is discovered that the items stored will not be crushed. The hard shell’s durable scratch-resistant finish provided additional power, allowing the luggage to look like new even after rough and rough travel conditions. Trolley Duffle Bags Online

2. Fully lined interior with dividers and Zippered pocket

Fully lined, Luggage protects stored items from scratches and puffs, while its handy divider helps keep everything neatly organized and easily accessible. The luggage also offers an internal organizer pocket with a reliable zipper closure for secure storage. Trolley Duffle Bags Online

3. Telescoping handle

For added convenience, the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner luggage comes equipped with a user-friendly telescoping handle that locks into place. Extend the handle while rolling the stuff, then drop it down in a smooth move for compact storage when not in use or when keeping it in the trunk or cupboard.

4. Four-wheel spinner

Maneuver the goods with ease thanks to your four-wheel spinners. Unlike other rolling luggage that just rolls forward and backward, the AmazonBasics spinner luggage glides for quick changes without a sharp change in either direction. Trolley Duffle Bags Online

5. AmazonBasics Product Testing

To ensure the highest quality luggage for flight crews and regular passengers, the AmazonBasics testing team conducts a full range of rigorous qualification protocols across their entire line of luggage. AmazonBasics strict quality-testing procedures simulate real-world travel usage conditions, and testing includes multiple components such as overall stability, dynamic handle strength, and castor and wheel durability.

  • Stability test Trolley Duffle Bags Online
  • Active-handle-strength test
  • Castor/roller-durability test
  • Drop test, Zipper test, Colorfastness test
  • Seam-strength test, Control-elements test, Stacking-capacity test
  • Effects-of-extreme-temperature-change test
  • Effects-of-humidity-exposure test
  • Resistance-to-corrosion test

Top Reviews

As soon as I got that product, I had taken it on my international trip and it seems like a good choice. One needs to see how durable it is in the long run. One thief is that Amazon only gives a 1-year warranty and other brands. However, I trust Amazon’s original product with my previous experience and that’s why I went with this product.

In the first example, the material looks resistant and has some internal compartments that make it functional, also a nice color (orange) which from my point of view can be useful for finding it more quickly at the airport. 9.7 “iPad I used to give a better idea of ​​the size of the case. I will give my thoughts once used on the next trip.

UPDATE: After using it on 2 occasions I can say that I am still convinced that it was an excellent purchase in the cost-benefit price, then I will leave some details about the experience with this suitcase, In general, this suitcase I liked is in combination with the Amazon Basics organizers (green),

they are amazing (I mention this because I’m a happy user with a purchase, Amazon doesn’t give me anything to do Is) and can be unnoticed except for points to improve weight. Trolley Duffle Bags Online


> vast
> Length: 78 cm
> Width: 48 cm
> Deep: 30 cm (expandable up to 35 cm)
>  Hidden compartments (for shoes, dirty clothes, suits, etc.)
> Easy mobility due to its 4 wheels
> Provides good security (just a few scraps from airport operations)
> Resistant material without being too harsh
> Long-distance show (according to the color you choose)

– Weight 5.25kg
– Clasps may be of better quality
– When transporting you need another handle to handle it better.

My recommendation: Do not hesitate to buy it. If you are looking for the good stuff, the price is really competitive and good quality material compared to what you are getting in a department store. This is monster stuff. Trolley Duffle Bags Online

I bought a 28 “version measuring it and thinking it is the right size, but when I received it, it’s huge. I think it’s too big because of the thickness. It’s a lot of thick stuff. And there’s an Accordion-style extension through it. Another round of zippers to pop it for free. It’s huge. Trolley Duffle Bags Online

The luggage is 28 “body, but it doesn’t account for the wheels. So about 29” overall. It is dotted with reminders that this is an Amazon product. At the top right is a cute Amazon logo shown in the picture. Then when you open the stuff, everywhere haha ​​nylon lining is also pressed with amazon. love him.

There is room inside the luggage. Tons of space for your 2-week trip. Two-compartment luggage zipped up separated by a liner divider. Typical X-band fabric binder at one end. Perhaps a small pouch on the side for cosmetics (but for women who only have a formal pouch for toiletries). Trolley Duffle Bags Online

The wheels are stingy and it looks like they will be beating. They roll very smoothly. Love that there are four.
The shell is hard and also feels like it can take a beating. Empty items are very light. I have a samsonite hardener that has almost the same capacity which weighs a lot. So this is awesome. How heavy is it? Well, my scale is 11.5 lbs. For reference my Samsonite is 15lbs. Trolley Duffle Bags Online

My orange color is so funky and unique. Is able to easily take it out of the sea of ​​black goods. I will report back after the trip to France … see if this is an international trip. This is my first suitcase that has 4x wheels and is useful for traveling, not only at airports but also when traveling to/from stations. Trolley Duffle Bags Online

The pros
+ Stunning. Very large HiFi speakers have been taken outside the European Union and they remain safe and intact in this case
+ Wheels are working well. Have made 2x return trips so far outside the European Union and drawn all the good ones, as well as on pavements, and of trains, etc.
+ Reduce the amount of space in the case
+ Good value Trolley Duffle Bags Online

-No lock, you have to pass a small padlock through the gaps in the zip.
The allowance is only 23 kilograms in the form of my current allowance (E. Rupa), which is 5 kg in weight when eaten, especially on my current frequent route (E. Rup). Trolley Duffle Bags Online

All in all, I am very happy with this matter and will buy more. The lack of a locking mechanism is mildly annoying but I use those luggage straps (both on the vertical and horizontal) that protect the case (and that means I can detect it on the conveyor because I have a bright yellow !). Trolley Duffle Bags Online

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