Rolling Spinner Luggage Best (2021) Amazon Basics Belltown Softside – 25 Inch, Heather Grey

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  • External dimensions (including wheels): 16.1 x 10.6 x 25.9 inches;
  • Internal dimensions: 15.1 x 9 x 22 inches.
  • Internal Capacity: 50 Liters.
  • Weight: 3.1 kg.
  • Sophisticated spinner made of durable 600D polyester with a stylish design for a fashionable, sophisticated look.
  • 2 front zippered pockets help keep stored items organized and easy to use;
  • The 150D-polyester internal organizer with 3 zippered pockets for storing small items easily.
  • Expandable for up to 25% more packing space; Solid, strong zipper.
  • Telescoping handles for comfortable maneuver; Securely mounted short handle; 360-degree spinner.


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Rolling Spinner Luggage Amazon Basics Belltown Softside – 25 Inch, Heather Grey

1. AmazonBasics Belltown Quilted Softside Spinner

Rolling Spinner Luggage Designed for the discerning, accomplished traveler, this AmazonBasics Belltown Quilted Softside Spinner works for anything from business getaways and weekend getaways to extended holidays.

Depending on the amount of space required, various options are available, including 21-inch, 25-inch, and 30-inch sizes.

The accessories perform well and provide a luxurious appearance and a solid color to suit your personal style. Choose from Black, Gray, Red, Navy, or Purple. Rolling Spinner Luggage

2. User friendly and expandable

The Rolling Spinner Luggage provides a durable zipper for secure, reliable closure, and its expandable design provides 25% more packing space when additional room is required.

Compared to rigid accessories, softside luggage can fit in tight spaces more easily, and it stores more compactly when not in use.

3. Get organized

Two front pockets to help keep frequently used items neatly organized and easy to use. The spinner’s interior organizer, made of 150D polyester, includes three different zippered pockets,

which work well to secure small items, such as important papers, accessories, or phone cords and chargers.

4. Telescoping handle and securely mounted short handle

The AmazonBasics Belltown Quilted Softside Spinner is equipped with a securely mounted short handle for rugged strength and stability, as well as a secure, extra-strong telescoping handle that locks in place.

Extend the telescoping handle when rolling the luggage, and fall down in a smooth move for compact trows when not in use or when placing the luggage in a car trunk or cupboard. Rolling Spinner Luggage

5. 360-degree spinner wheels

Unlike other rolling accessories that only roll forward and backward, the AmazonBasics Belltown Quilted Softside Spinner ensures easy-to-roll mobility in any direction. Rolling Spinner Luggage

  1. Stability test.
  2. Active-handle-strength test.
  3. Castor/roller-durability test.
  4. Drop test.
  5. Zipper test.
  6. Seam-strength test.
  7. Effects-of-humidity-exposure test.
  8. Resistance-to-corrosion test.
  9. 25-inch size in solid gray.
  10. 3-year limited warranty.
  11. Is made of 600D polyester.
  12. 2 front zippered pockets.
  13. 150 zip-polyester internal organizer with 3 zippered pockets.
  14. Expandable up to 25%.
  15. Securely mounted lower handle.
  16. Strong telescopic handle.
  17. 360-degree spinner whee.

6. AmazonBasics Product Testing

To ensure the highest quality luggage for flight crews and regular passengers, the AmazonBasics testing team conducts a full range of rigorous qualification protocols across their entire line of luggage.

AmazonBasics strict quality-testing procedures simulate real-world travel usage conditions, and testing includes multiple components such as overall stability, dynamic handle strength, and castor and wheel durability.

Top Reviews

I bought this 68cm case because I had already purchased a 78cm case and was very impressed with the quality of materials used and the functions available – good wheels,

lots of storage space and handles at each location. This 68cm case is of similar quality and I would be happy to recommend both.

Looked through several options and ended up buying the case and I’m glad I did. Very light and strong too. I have purchased some AmazonBasic products and found them all to be of good quality.

Rolling Spinner Luggage
So the best features are that it is perfectly lightweight and maneuver well when done. I got a very nice color, although

I would probably go for a darker color as it would have to pick up a little dirt that would be more visible when I managed to keep luggage at the airport. Rolling Spinner Luggage

Schöner Köfer, Hat Veale Fetcher Super Is Lustiest Stitch Ach Noche Ousuiten Bar Aben Reinverschluss, Does Mehr Reich Pustst. Der einzige Makel ist die Grö, e, ich habe in 68 cm gekauft und empfingen ihn als sehr klein.

also lieber 78 cm kaufen da dasst dann auch mehr rein. so ist dieser für eine Woche perfekt, meer . Satire schola.

American Tourister India Columbia Polyester 55 cms Red Softsided

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