Fostelo Women’s Handbag Style Diva

Product Information

  • Compartments:- 1 Zip With 2 Compartments And 1 Back Zip Pocket
  • Dimensions (in inches): – 12 “long x 17” wide x 6 “deep
  • Cartons: – 1 zip with 2 compartments and 1 back zip pocket
  • Ingredients: -100% PU | Color: – Tan
  • “Certainly ” is a registered trademark. Any unauthorized seller will surely bear the legal consequences of copyright infringement. Color may lighten from May.
  • Warranty: – 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. 100% quality assured.


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Fostelo Women’s Handbag Style Diva

Once a woman steps into the Fostelo Women’s Handbag world she has the whole world in her handbag. It shows her image to the whole world and includes her everyday needs. Hence, this lady handbag has been designed and designed by Costello keeping those special requirements in mind.

It is enough for you to go anywhere. You can bring this bag to your office, market, courtroom, or any formal occasion. Additionally, the is stress points of the bag is double stitched and reinforced with hidden nylon strapping. the spacious compartments ensure that you can carry whatever you want to bring with you without sacrificing your style quotient. Fostelo Women’s Handbag

Fostelo Women’s Handbag Information

1.Spacious Zippered Bins

You can make this ladies’ bag your everyday companion thanks to its huge compartment. This compartment is separated into small compartments and pouches with zips. They enable you to store and carry your everyday items and make knights in a very systematic way.

After moving around for a while, your bag will not get messed up when you open it. To further ensure the safety of the things you carry in the handbag, this bag comes with zipper closure.

2.Exterior Zippered Bins

This lady’s handbag has an external zipped compartment. Being on the outside, this compartment is easily accessible, and in this way, you can quickly store your small knock-knock. Additionally, to ensure the safety of the contents of this compartment, it has a zip on it. This ensures enhanced security and privacy for the content and also protects them from the elements. Fostelo Women’s Handbag

3.Twin grab handle

This ladies bag comes with two grab handles to make it easier to carry. These handles are firmly built and you can rest easy that they will not tear or get damaged during daily use.

Is The handle is designed in such a way as to distribute the weight of the bag easily and in such a way as to ensure optimum level for you even while reducing the weight of the bag. Fostelo Women’s Handbag

Fostelo Women’s Handbag Reviews

It looks exactly like it is in the picture or even more beautiful if I say !!! Although there are no two separate compartments inside the bag!

The bases shown in the pictures are misleading because the base is open to both divisions. So it makes no sense. But the color, quality, and comfort are unique.


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