Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof For Office & School

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  • The 100 percent food grade.
  • It the 100 percent leakproof.
  • Ideal Use: School, Office, College
  • It is easy to clean, stainless steel is very easy to clean,
  • The Reusable and durable
  • The Easy to fit and store, school bag And office, or handbag
  •  The Easy to carry and  easy to open and close
  • It is Color: Red, Material: Stainless Steel
  • The Package Content: 1 Lunch Box
  • The Vegetable Box, Capacity- 175-1pc, 925ml-1pc


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Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof For Office & School

Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof Introducing an international concept Cello Maximum fresh products are made from strong stainless steel containers, free from any health hazards, and strong clothes for storing fresh food for a long time. As mentioned in the name itself, Cello Max is fresh, now enjoy freshly packed food in these air-tight stainless steel containers. The Lunch packs are food-grade containers made of stainless steel, packed in the soft fabricated carry pouch and that makes them easy to carry and ideal for office and, school and traveling.

The lid of the containers has a food-grade silicone seal that remains fresh and sealed to retain food moisture for a long time. the liquid-tight seals include 4 side locks for easy opening of the container. The jacket has an extra pocket for holding a fork and spoon. It has a high-quality zip for long performance. Stop your worries of spalling food items from the Lunch Box Cello Max Fresh Lunch Pack, a shop solution that addresses all your precautions before carrying lunch. Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof

Keep your food warm and fresh in the cello advanced, click it on the lunch box. Made of food-grade quality stainless steel, the lunch box makes it easy and ideal for office, school, and travel. The lid of the box is provided with a leakproof mechanism that allows you to carry it anywhere. Go to healthy mode with cello click it lunch pack.

Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Information

The cello has been with you, serving you, supporting you for generations, everywhere in your home. You have made cello a part of your family and we want to strengthen this relationship by giving you better service. Our products will help in household chores to save time and energy to spend with your loved ones. We at Cello Group are constantly striving to give each of our consumers a world-class lifestyle and a lasting connection of trust and commitment. Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof

1. Safe And Healthy

The material used is completely safe and is of high-quality food-grade standards. This makes the lunch box a very safe and healthy option for carrying food.

2. Reusable and durable

Take it to the office with you daily or give your child a healthy lunch, these lunch packs are reusable and durable in nature. Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof

  • The 100 percent food grade
  • The 100 percent leak-proof; lunch box made up of stainless steel
  • Easy Dishwasher Safe
  • The Ideal for school, office, college
  • The Easy to clean
  • Reusable and durable
  • Easy to carry

Cello Top Reviews Lunch Box

> I ordered two steel tiffins, one is Diego n and one is cello …
I love cello tiffin …..
Leakproof … good quality steel … useful for children … easy to handle …. best for children …
Pleased with this product.
One of the best lunch boxes ever in my life.

1 I just love the locking mechanism, which ensures that liquid food will not spread under normal conditions.
2. Good quality stainless steel and time tested cello brand’s reliability
3. An additional lock clip is provided. Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof
4. Enough space for an adult to carry a full lunch such as 3 chapattis and enough vegetables with it
5. Design ensures that it fits easily in our bags without wastage of space

> So strong and amazing! Leak Proof – I carry ‘yogurt’, ie yogurt in a small container. And that small container is not too small – quite a storehouse. But this one is correct. The body is steel but the locking mechanism is made of plastic – such as lock-lock Tupperware. Very easy. Snack off the snack. They also send an additional lock-lock. Easy to wash
I have been using it for the last one month. It is easy to clean and as it is made of stainless steel, there will be no

>Thermal insulation that is added to the food that I have seen in the Milton Fauladi Deluxe Lunch Box. The only disappointing thing is the lid that comes with 6 clips that are not very strong. Other than that, everything is fine.
It is a luxurious, stainless steel body tiffin box of the right size for a school/college/office meal. Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof

Plastic components are limited to locking mechanisms only and thus only steel is in contact with your food.

Compared to stainless steel boxes with plastic caps or all-plastic locks and lockboxes, foods sniff not in the evening and until 5 in the evening. Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof

Rugged construction. Strong locks. An additional lock was provided. dishwasher safe.

Take extra precautions to align carefully before locking. Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof

> 3 months later. The plastic clip has held up well, and unlike the generic (Chinese original) lunch box, the components hold up well and most importantly, do not stain or warp. I hot wash the tiffin box in the dishwasher and occasionally scrub the hands. Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof

Cello Max Fresh Lunch Box Stainless Steel Inner, 3 Piece

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