Cello Max Lunch Box Fresh Click Polypropylene Lunch Box Set, 300ml, 4-Pieces, Blue

Product Information

  • The Airtight container that keeps food fresh for a long time
  • It is Microwave safe (without lid)
  • The Compact lunch box for carrying food
  • The Freezer and dishwasher safe
  • The Easy to open and close and clean
  • Is Available in attractive colors
  • Liquid-tight silicone seal on the lid makes the container ideal for office, school, and travel
  • The Ideal for dry and semi-dry items
  • The Ideal for office goers
  • Color: Blue, Material: Polypropylene
  • Package Content: 3-Piece Container (300ml) and 1-Piece Container (140ml)


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Cello Max Lunch Box Fresh Click Polypropylene Lunch Box Set, 300ml, 4-Pieces, Blue

As mentioned in the name itself is Cello Max Lunch Box, now enjoy freshly packed food in these air-tight BPA-free containers. The lunch box is made of food-grade ingredients. Its sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry and ideal for office, school, and travel. Different containers are not required to heat your food because these containers are microwave safe (without a lid), so you can use them directly to heat food. Stop your worries about spilling food items from the lunch box. Cello Max Lunch Box

Cello Lunch Box Information

The cello has been with you, serving you, supporting you for generations, in every and every location of your home, from the living room to the dining room, from the bedroom to the bathroom. You made us part of your family. We want to strengthen this relationship by giving you more service. Our products will help you spend a great time with your loved ones, making household chores an easy and enjoyable experience for you.

  • Nowadays we all know the benefits of bringing our lunch to our work or school —
  • You save money, save time, and you eat healthily. Cello Max Lunch Box
  • But, make sure you are eating healthy with a cello lunch box made of safe plastic!
  •  Remember all those additives and harmful ingredients in prepared food?
  • Well, you are about to forget all of the above with our lunch box.

1. Potential Food Container

The cello polypropylene lunch box perfectly caters to the hunger of older children or adults. In addition, the lid of the lunch box is carefully designed which is easy to carry around. Cello Max Lunch Box

2. Well dyed diel

The Cello Polypropylene Lunch Box is perfect for school, office, home, and outdoors. This lunch box lets you pack more variety and healthier options, so your younger people eat better and build healthy eating habits. Coaches not only help in planning a balanced diet to keep girls and boys fit but also provide comprehensive nutrition for men and women.

3. 100% food grade

be smart! These food-grade lunch containers are leakproof, durable, stable, and strong, practically unbreakable, so you will get a lot of benefits from them at times. Invest in your health, buy yours today! Make permanent improvements in your lifestyle. Cello Max Lunch Box


Rebellious odor, taste, and smell when old-fashioned food containers warp, they begin to retain the smell, taste, and smell from your previous meal, making your fresh, crisp salad smell like the tomato sauce of the previous week, very tasty. Is not Cello Polypropylene Lunch Box is made with the scent and flavor smell technology, which means your food should taste like it – not like the last week’s leftovers.

5. Lake proof and vacuum sealed

Nothing is more inconvenient to work with, only to find your lunchbox leaking everywhere. Our leak-proof containers are also vacuum-sealed, which allows you to carry soups, sauces, and spices safely and keep everything in place. Cello Max Lunch Box

Top Cello Lunchbox Reviews

Despite being shipped by Prime took a bit longer. Nice trendy look, new design long sling to carry on the shoulder.
Containers are durable
The zippers are nice and easy to carry on the bike. Apart from this, the Tupperware brand was used but Cello is very good. It is completely enough for a meal of 2 people. I buy this product in a lighting deal and on-time delivery by Amazon as usual. 100% leakproof without any spillage.

Overall great product and impressive look by Cello.
I bought this cello lunchbox 2 months ago after doing a lot of research, I was not too keen on getting a glass container because I and the glass items have never been in a creative relationship. So I was looking for a plastic and high-quality lunch box, which should be proof of leaking because office goers like us don’t want it spread on their clothes or laptop while carrying. Then I found it. Cello Max Lunch Box

After two months of extensive use, I can tell that this is a really great product, you can also carry water, it will not leak. And regarding the quality of the material, the material is very good, the construction quality is also great, quite unbreakable. Other than that, the price is really good, I got it at around 400rs, which is really very good. value for money. Cello Max Lunch Box

It consists of 3 medium-sized containers that can be used for food items and a small container for fruit slices or peanuts, almonds, or chutneys/pickles. Vegetables can be stored for two people, while a maximum of 5 Rotis can be stored in a box. And the bag also contains a spoon and a fork.
1. The product is really good-looking. Cello Max Lunch Box
2. There was no harm in a good position.
3. It has 3 big boxes and 1 small box
4. In this tiffin, you can adjust
5. 4 chapattis/roti
6. 2 bowls of dal (this is a good amount)
7. 2 bowls of rice. Cello Max Lunch Box
8. It is leakproof, I put water in it and check ….. there is no leakage.
9. The quality is good …
10. The looks are decent. I expected a slightly bigger box. I would call it small, not small.

Yes it can be easily cleaned durability to be tested easily lock looks decent and turns off the correction
Cannot comment on the evidence of its leakage because I have not yet taken liquid foods in it. Semisolid fits in ok

Can be used for breakfast or for emergency mini-meals if you are used to healthy and full eating then I would not recommend it for those people. Cello Max Lunch Box
This is a good product. Even curry items do not spread out of the box, even after moving it upside down, I have not seen even 1 drop out. Good quality plastic is used for use in microwaves. I miss some salads with food that I use to take to the office, the smallest thong has fulfilled my wish. Many thanks for creating an amazing product.

Cello Max Lunch Box Fresh Click Polypropylene Lunch Box Set, 300ml, 4-Pieces, BlueCello Max Lunch Box Fresh Click Polypropylene Lunch Box Set, 300ml, 4-Pieces, Blue

Cello Stainless Steel Lunch Box Leak Proof For Office & School

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