Cello Max Fresh Lunch Box Stainless Steel Inner, 3 Piece

About this product

  • Sami Liquid Food And Dry For Ideal
  • Carry to Easy And Box
  • Fresh for long hours
  • Easy clean to jacket and washable
  • Microwaveable container steel inner leakproof
  • Containers can be used in
  • Lunch carrier fabric soft
  • Material, Stainless Steel  Color Blue
  • Package Container – 1 Lunch Box With 3 container (225ml, 375ml & 550ml)


Product Sort Description

The best lunch pack consists of a food-grade container made of stainless steel packed (Cello Max Fresh Lunch Box )in a soft fabricated carry pouch which makes it easy to carry and ideal for office and school and traveling.

Stop your worries about spilling food contents from the lunch box callo max fresh lunch packs is one shop solution that addresses all your precautions before carrying a lunch box. you have the part made us a family, serving you accompanying you for generation in each and every space of your home from the living room to dining room, bedroom to the bathroom. Presenting an international concept cello max fresh products are made of sturdy fabric hygienic stainless steel containers for storing food free from any health hazard and fresh for long hours. As the name itself states cello max fresh now enjoy freshly packed food in these airtight stainless steel containers.

Cello Max Fresh Lunch Box

As the name suggests, Cello Max fresh gives you a fresh experience of eating your lunch. Its airtight locking system, insulated inner walls, and leakproof feature make it a must-have product at your home. The lid of the containers consists of a food-grade silicone seal that locks in the freshness and retains the moisture of food for long hours. The jacket consists of an additional pocket to keep a fork and spoon. Cello Max Fresh Lunch Box It has a zip for long performance.

the material used is of high-quality food-grade which is microwave friendly. Keep it in the microwave, heat it and enjoy the food.

3. Insulated

The walls of the box are insulated to avoid dissipation of heat, this keeps the food inside fresh and intact.

4. Compact

The lunch box is designed in a way that it can be carried easily to the office or school. Its design is compact and attractive.

 5. Clean to easy

the lunch box is very easy to clean. Avoid using very hard scrubbers

6. Carry a pack

The lunch pack set comes with a zippered jacket for ease of use and portability. Available in vibrant color pick a lunch pack for your everyday mood

Product Details

Brand:  Cello

Colore:  Blue

Shape:  Round

Style:  Hot Wave

Capacity:  375 ML

Material:  Steelless

product:  Cello Max Fresh Lunch Box

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